I was born in a magnificent region of France that we call "La Provence", Avignon, famous for its bridge...
I love my native country, even if I am often absent from it. A citizen of the world, attentive and sensitive to nature in which I feel a real desire to invite her into our daily lives. From our beautiful History, from our creative passion, we wish to express ourselves through the timeless creation of Jewellery set with specially selected stones, Lingerie created from beautiful silks and fine lace.
For us, "Love" means "Always", Always renewing ourselves, Always nourishing our creativity, Always surprising and being surprised, Always engaging in causes that are close to our hearts. Since 1997, "Nina des Criquets" has been growing and asserting its style. I appreciate this simplicity that characterizes us, while respecting our values.
I try to share my emotions with all of you through noble materials, charming details, protective medals, subtle colors ribbons and always with the idea of sublimating you with a lot of finesse and refinements.
I like to evolve in this comforting and feminine universe.
It is an integral part of our way of life and it is with deep Joy that I say to you: Welcome to Our world!
Of course, I am not alone in this adventure, I have around me, a very beautiful team of positive, dynamic and super motivated Ninettes, without whom, nothing would be the same!
I'm very lucky!


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