About Us


For those who do not know me yet, my name is Sabrina, Nina for my friends.
I was born in a magnificent region of France that we call “Provence”, famed by its “Bridge”, remember…every French person sang it in primary school (“le pont d’Avignon”)

I adore my native country, although I am often absent from it.

Then the “encounter”, Morgan, my alter ego entered my life never to depart.
In addition to 3 wonderful children, our unity extends to our love of traveling and meetings, both citizens of the world, attentive and sensitive to nature in which we feel a true desire to invite into our daily life.

From our beautiful history, our common creative passion, and for the challenge, “Nina des Criquets” was self evident, allowing us to express ourselves fully, through the timeless realization of jewelry set from specially selected stones, lingerie created from beautiful silks and fine lace.

For us, “Love” rimes with “Always”, always renew ourselves, always feed our creativity, always surprise and be surprised, cultivate our multiple passions, always involve ourselves in causes close to our heart.

Since 1997, “Nina de Criquets” has been growing and asserting its style.

I value this simplicity that characterizes us, respecting the realm of our civic values.

I try to share my emotions through my creations, by the judicious choice I confer to fine materials and various color palettes that transpire with joy.

I like to evolve within this comforting universe, feminine and refined.

This is an integral part of our way of life and it is with a deep joy that I say to all, Welcome to our world!